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84- ضمیر: ضمیر موصولی 2

بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم

سلام. جمعه چطوره؟ اوضاع خوبه؟ ارشدیها ارشد نزدیکه. همین روزها است که اعلام آغازثبت نام کنند . بسم الله بگید و به امید خدا اسم نویسی کنید و ان شاءالله مزد زحماتتون را بگیرید. در رابطه با مطلب قبلی امروز طبق مطالب گذشته 10 تا جمله خدمتتون ارائه می کنم که یه بررسی کنید و مشکلاتش را پیدا کنید. یا حق

──I like novels who deal with philosophical questions.

──The company did not want to hire a man that s experience was so limited.  

──The family whose house burned down was on television.

──She wore a dress what everyone considered extravagant.

──Where can one catch the train which goes to Flower Square.

──The ship that we boarded in Rio was bound for Marseilles.

──John did not want to do business with a man which had bad been in prison.

──Take your car back to the man who sold it to you.

──That is the baby which has been in the incubator for three months.

──The woman that her photograph was in the paper is making a speech at the town hall tonight.


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