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بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم

سلام. در ادامه مبحث شماره 107 , 108 امروز بخش دوم کلمات را خدمتتون می نویسم. ان شاءالله جوابش باشه واسه شنبه. فعلا.

(At a school, college, or university) A staff meeting has been called for two o'clock.

In my opinion, the best time of the year is autumn.

The automobile company's first attempt to design a family saloon that ran on diesel was a

resounding failure.

The campus has a shop where students can buy stationery and essential items.

Government spending on defence was reduced by 23%.

He gave me just enough money to buy a return bus ticket to Portland.

He's a graduate of Berkeley College.

These days it is not unusual to see children as young as five carrying a mobile phone to school.

The postcode for the company is MA 04532.

Classes start at nine o'clock every morning Monday to Friday.

There are several museums and galleries in the city, but most students prefer to spend their evenings at the cinema

Have you got any change for a $20 note?

Strict labour laws have had an adverse effect on small businesses.


بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم

سلام. با عرض معذرت امروز تصمیم دارم اول جواب سوالات روز قبل را خدمتتون بگم و ان شاءالله فردا بخش دوم کلمات را براتون می نویسم. یا حق

Interval: intermission

Again: over (in the context of repeating something completely only. In other contexts, again is used in the same way as it is used in British English)

Post: mail

Recognize: recognize (note that in British English, this word can be spelt recognise or recognize)

Theatre: theater

Subway: underpass

Petrol: gas

Lift: elevator

Estate agent: realtor

Main road: highway

Rise: raise

Break: recess

Bloke: guy


بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم

سلام. یکی از مسائلی که گاهی اوقات برای افرادی که تازه شروع بکار کرده اند این مسئله American  و British بودن است. تفاوتهای این دو در تلفظ هست در دیکته کلمه هست بعضی وقتها توی گرامر هم تفاوتهای جزئی دارند. اما مطلب امروز ما در مورد تفاوتهای دو نسخه American  و British  در بعضی کلمات است که در American  بعضی از کلمات با نسخه British کاملا فرق دارند. میگم فرق منظورم اینه که مفهوم مورد نظر یکی است، روش نامگذاری و خطابش متفاوت است.

در ادامه یه سری کلمه خدمتتون عرض می کنم که اینها همه British است. فکر کنید ببینید یادتون میاد نسخه American چطوریه؟ این مطلب درسه بخش خدمتتان عرضه می شه. یا حق

The play is in two acts, with a short interval between the two.

If you make a mistake in your calculations, you'll need to do them again.

The post normally arrives before lunchtime.

The government refused to recognise the new republic.

The theatre received an unexpected grant which helped to prevent it closing down.

The road outside the school is very busy, so students are advised to use the subway to cross it.

The oil crisis resulted in a 28% rise in the cost of petrol.

Take the lift to the top floor.

Estate agents are some of the most unscrupulous people in the country.

The M40 is closed, so you will need to take the A40, which is the main road connecting London

with Oxford.

Their request for a $2 rise in the hourly rate was firmly rejected by the management.

The workshop will last for 6 hours, with a break for lunch at midday.

(Informal) I really like Mr. Goldberg. He's a great bloke.

102- 1100 Words

بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم

سلام و عرض وقت بخیر خدمت هموطنان گل. مطلب امروز به بررسی کلمات کتاب 1100 واژه اختصاص داره.

پیش از اینکه برم سراغ کلمات امروز یکم می خواستم درد و دل کنم. کاش این کتابفروشی های تخصصی یکمی سواد زبان داشتند. این صحبتی که من الان دارم مربوط به شهر اصفهان که از اونجا کتابهای خودم را می خرم ممکنه تو شهرهای دیگه وضعیت اینطوری نباشه. البته کتابفروشی هایی هم هستند مثله اقای دهقان و آقای امیدان که واقعا در امر زبان های خارجی کار کردند و میشه روی راهنماییشون حساب کرد. تا یادم نرفته این کتاب را بدون داشتن پیش زمینه قوی لغت هرگز اغاز نکنید.

 توی چند تا از نظرات بی نام چندتن از خوانندگان محترم بی  نام و نشان فرموده بودند که تلفظ کلمات را هم بنویسید. از امروز این کار را شروع کردم. فقط بفرمایید در اکسپلورر شما خوانا هست یا نه؟ یا اینکه اجق وجق نشان می ده.

از همه اینها که بگذریم می رسیم به کلمات کتاب 1100 هفته دوم. روز چهارم با تلفظ براساس لانگمن. معنی انگلیسی و فارسی و مترادف  و همچنین نوع کلمه.

1. Avid:   /`ævɪd/  (adjective)  doing something as much as possible

  مشتاق ، بسیار علافمند، حریص، تشنه keen, enthusiastic, passionate, eager, devoted, ardent, fervent

2. Cajole:   /kə`dʒoʊl/      (verb)    to persuade someone to do something by praising him/her or making promises to him/her

زبان بازی، چرب زبانی= coax, persuade, wheedle, entice, sweet-talk

3. Rudimentary:   /rudə`mɛntri/  (adjective)  very simple and basic  

  ابتدایی، مقدماتی، ناچیز basic, elementary, simple, undeveloped, fundamental, primary

4. Enhance:  /ɪn`hæns/ (verb)    to improve something   

 افزابش دادن، بالا بردن، بهبود بخشیدن   improve, augment (formal), add to, increase, boost, develop, enrich, heighten

5. Nuance:   /`nuɑns/   (noun)    a very slight difference in meaning, color, or feeling

تفاوت بسیار کم، اختلاف ناچیز = shade, tone, gradation, distinction, tinge, hint, degree, touch, trace, note


حالا با توجه به این کلمات خوشگل متن زیر را بخوانید.

You've Got To Be a Football Expert

As an avid football fan, I try to see every game the Jets play. Whenever I can cajole my father into accompanying me, I try to do so. He has only a rudimentary knowledge of the game, and since I am steeped in it, I enjoy explaining its intricate details to him. It certainly does enhance your appreciation of football when you are aware of every nuance of the sport.

Sample Sentences

Use the new words in the following sentences. You may have to change the ending of a word.

1. Since my grasp of algebra is __________, I cannot solve the problem.

2. The parakeet refused to be __________ into entering her cage.

3. It will __________ your enjoyment of an opera if you know what the plot is about in advance.

4. In reading the satires of Jonathan Swift, one must be vigilant in order to catch each __________.

5. Bill Clinton is an __________ reader of mystery stories.



Match the new words with their meanings.

6. avid                 ____ a. eager

7. cajole              ____ b. slight variation in meaning, tone, etc.

8. rudimentary    ____ c. coax

9. enhance        ____ d. intensify, heighten

10. nuance        ____ e. elementary

Today's Idiom

TO BEARD THE LION IN HIS DEN :to visit and oppose a person on his own grounds

کلمه DEN همون خونه حیوانات می شه. پس معنی و منظور از این اصطلاح اینه که بری به جنگ شیر اما تو خونه خودش.

Having decided to beard the lion, I stormed into the manager's office to ask for a raise.

99-1100: Second Week/Third Day

بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم

سلام و صبح پنج شنبه همگی بخیر. شکر خدا من هم خوبم. هوا هم خوبه. دم صبح یکمی سرد هست که بفهمی زمستون تو راهه.آب زاینده رود هم می گن خوبه. من که جمعه گذشته رفتم و جای همتون خالی. جدا صدای آب صدای حیات. امروز کلمه داریم. کلمات کتاب 1100 هفته دوم. روز سوم. چند وقت پیش رفته بودم جنگل. بله کتابفروشی جنگل. حدودا چهار تا ترجمه از این کتاب موجود بود. یاد یه خاطره افتادم. سال 85 یا 84 بود که بدجور کرمم گرفته بود که کتابی ترجمه کنم و ... . دنبالش رفتم. کتاب را انتخاب کردم. بعد با چند تا ناشر صحبت کردم. یکیشون که آدم خیلی جالبی بود گفت چون شما تازه کار هستید کتاب شما را کسی زیاد نمی خره واسه همین ریسکش زیاده. در نتیجه خودت پولش را بده ما برات چاپ می کنیم اگر خوب فروش رفت کتابهای بعدی و چاپهای بعدی حق ترجمه را بهتون پرداخت می کنیم. در ادامه گفت زیاد هم خودت به زحمت ننداز. ( اون موقع کتاب" کی پنیر منو برداشته" تو بورس بود) . همین کتاب را بردار. یه دونه " از " را تبدیل به " به " کن و اسم خودت را بزار روی کتاب. گفت خیلی از اینها هم همین کار را کرده اند.

قصد توهین به مترجمهای محترم را ندارم. چون اونهایی که مترجم هستند خودشون درک می کنند اونهایی هم که نیستند هارت و پورت می کنند. این هم" از کرامات شیخ ما /مشت را وا کرد و گفت یه وجب" باز هم نقل قول از جناب آقای پروفسور تحریریان. ایشان خودشان بی اطلاع هستند اما من واقعا شیفته اخلاق و منش و خضوع ایشان هستم. به قولی" استاد دوست داریم". بگذریم از این خاله شادونه بازیها.

هفته دوم روز سوم:

New Words

1. Pretextبهانه، عذر، دستاویز:   excuse, cause, con, ploy, ruse, grounds

2. Fabricateجعل کردن، تقلید کردن، سر هم کردن، بافتن :  invent, fake, make up, concoct, dream up, trump up, cook up

3. Adroit: زرنگ، زبردست، چالاک،    skillful, skilled, nimble, practiced

4. Gesticulate: با سر و دست اشاره کردن/فهماندن    gesture, wave, signal, wigwag, motion, sign

5. Vigilant: مراقب، هوشیار، حساس، گوش به زنگ    watchful, on your guard, attentive, alert, wary, cautious              ≠ slack

خوب این هم 5 تا کلمه امروز. یه داستان جنایی بخونیم ببینیم این کلمات به چه کار می آیند.

Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde?

Under the pretext of being a surgeon he gained entry to the hospital. When interviewed by the director, he had to fabricate a tale of his medical experience, but he was so adroit at lying that he got away with it. It was not until the phony "doctor" began to gesticulate wildly with his scalpel, that a vigilant nurse was able to detect the fraud. In the annals of medical history there have been a number of such cases.

با کلمات جدید این جاخالیها را پر کنید.

1. The shootings at Columbine High School made educators much more ________,

2. My nephew is quite __________ at making model airplanes.

3. Most fisherman can __________ a story about the size of the one that got away.

4. Her __________ of being tired did not fool us for an instant.

5. I often marvel as I watch the traffic officer __________ at the onrushing cars.


Pick the letter of the definition that matches your new word and write it in the answer space.

6. Pretext            ____ a. to lie; to construct

7. Fabricate        ____ b. skillful

8. Adroit            ____ c. an excuse

9. Gesticulate      ____ d. watchful

10. Vigilant        ____ e. move the arms energetically

Today's Idiom

a wet blanket  one who spoils the funآیه یاس، ضد حال،                 

Everyone wanted the party to go on, but Ronnie, the wet blanket, decided to go home to bed.

93- Second Week/ Second Day


1. Furtive: دزدکی، پنهانی، یواشکی، مخفیstealthy, secret, sly, sneaky         ≠ open

2. Felon: تبهکار، جانی، آدم بده  criminal, murderer, offender, thief, killer, robber

3. Plethora: ازدیاد، جمعیت کثیر mob, overabundance, murderer, offender, thief, killer, robber

4. Hapless:بیچاره، بدبخت، نگون بخت unfortunate, unlucky, luckless, ill-fated, wretched, miserable, doomed                             ≠ fortunate

5. Irate:خشمگین، غضبناک  angry, unlucky, luckless, ill-fated, wretched, miserable       ≠calm

خوب، حالا که معنی کلمات جدید را بلد شدید این داستان خوشگل را هم بخوانید. با توجه به کلماتی که تا حالا یاد گرفتیم.

If I Had the Wings of an Angel

Casting a furtive glance over his shoulder, the felon slipped out the main prison gate to be swallowed up in the British fog. A plethora of escapes from supposedly secure prisons embarrassed the hapless wardens. To compound their problems, the officials were badgered by irate citizens who accused the guards of accepting bribes from convicts whose motto was: "Stone walls do not a prison make, nor iron bars a cage."

Sample Sentences

Use the new words in the following sentences.

1. The __________ contest winner was unable to locate the lucky ticket.

2. My uncle was __________ when the drunken driver swerved in front of us.

3. In a __________ manner she removed her shoes and tiptoed up to her room.

4. When the teacher asked why the homework had not been done, he was greeted by a __________ of incredible alibis.

5. Since the boss learned that Bob associated with a known __________, he fired him.


Match the new words with their meanings.

6. Furtive           ____ a. angry, incensed

7. Felon             ____ b. a person guilty of a major crime

8. Plethora         ____ c. unfortunate

9. Hapless          ____ d. excess

10. Irate             ____ e. secret, stealthy

Today's Idiom

Pyrrhic victory

اسم این یکی پادشاه بوده "پیروس" که یه پادشاه یونانی بوده. این بنده خدا تو یه جنگی پیروز می شه اما تلفات بسیار زیادی متحمل می شه. لذا به پیروزی که به خاطرش صدمات و خسارات بسیاری ببینیم می گویند....

=    A too costly victory (King Pyrrhus defeated the Romans but his losses were extremely heavy)

In heavy fighting the troops managed to recapture the hill, but it could only be considered a Pyrrhic victory.

90- 1100: Second Week / First Day

بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم

سلام. وقت بخیر. حال و احوال؟ چه می کنید با آنفولانزا؟ اونم از نوع خوکی. خوک خودش چیه که آنفولانزاش باشه. خلاصه نکات ایمنی را رعایت کنید در مصرف برق و گاز هم صرفه جویی کنید. در خونه را هم روی هر کسی باز نکنید. با کسب اجازه از دوستان و فامیلهای اصفهانی: یه بار از یه اصفهانی می پرسند از عسل شیرین تر چیزی می شناسی؟ می گه: آره. سرکه مفت."

کتاب 1100 واژه  هفته دوم / روز اول


1. Laconic: کم حرف، کوتاه، موجز، مختصر   Terse, brief, concise, curt, to the point, short, economical

2. Throng:گروه، جمعیت، ازدحام  multitude, mass, crowd, horde, swarm, mob, host

3. Intrepid: با جرات، دلیر، شجاع، بی باک، متهور  brave, bold, courageous, valiant, heroic, daring, gallant

4. Accost: مخاطب ساختن، مواجه شدن (با)  approach, confront, detain

5. Reticent:محتاط در سخن، کم گو   discreet, quiet, restrained, unforthcoming, uncommunicative, taciturn, silent, reserved

Sample Sentences

Use the new words in the following sentences:

1. His speech was usually rambling, but this time I found it brief and __________.

2. If a surly panhandler should __________ you, keep on walking.

3. Even under repeated questioning, the witness remained __________.

4. A howling __________ of teenage girls surrounded the rap artists.

5. The corporal received the Silver Star for his __________ deeds in combat.


Match the new words with their dictionary meanings.

6. Laconic               a. expressing much in few words

7. Throng                b. brave

8. Intrepid               c. to approach and speak to

9. Accost                d. crowd

10. Reticent            e. silent

Today's Idiom

The sword of Damocles:

می شه خطر قریب الوقوع، اگر به معنی انگلیسی دقت کنید نوشته یه پادشاهی به اسم جناب دموکلس واسه اینکه به یکی از شوالیه هاش نشون بده چقدر کار شاهی سخته و چه خطراتی ممکنه براش باشه شوالیه بدبخت نگون بخت بخت برگشته را می شونه زیر یه شمشیری که به یه مو بند بوده.   

Any imminent danger (a king seated one of his subjects underneath a sword that was hanging by a hair, in order to teach him the dangers a king faces).

--Although the president of the company seemed quite secure, he always complained that there was a sword of Damocles hanging over his head.

88- 1100:First Week/ Seventh Day

بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم

سلام. چند وقتی بود که دیگه لغتهای 1100 را نمی نوشتم. ان شاالله از امروز ادامه درسهای کتاب 1100 واژه را خدمتتون می گم. کسایی که می خوان تافل بدن این کتاب زیاده اما چون 100 آید 90 هم پیش ماست. و کسایی که می خواهند ارشد زبان بگیرند حتما باید یه دست و پنجه حسابی با این کتاب بگیرند.

هفته اول / روز هفتم

امروز در ادامه سنجش آموخته های این هفته می رسیم به این متن کوتاه. توی این متن جاخالی هایی هست که باید پر بشه. با چی؟ با کلماتی که تو این هفته خوندیم. توی هر جاخالی به ترتیب یه عددی هست که این اعداد اشاره دارند به یه روز خاصی تو این هفته. در آخر مطلب نوشتم که هر عدد مربوط به کدام روزه. به اون مطلب مراجعه کنید و کلمه مورد نظر را توی جاخالی قرار بدید. جوابش را هم در ادامه مطلب نوشتم. یا حق

Reggie the Con Man

In the ____(1)___ of crime, there are few scoundrels who could match the exploits of Reggie Hayes, who also used the names of Reginald Haven, Ricardo Hermosa, Father Harris, and dozens of other aliases. Reggie's police record, principally in Chicago and Baltimore, is _____(2)_____ with scams that he perpetrated upon gullible people. Generally, his favorite target was a ___(3)_______ who should have known better.

Dressed as a priest (''Father Harris"), he was most convincing, however. His method of operation was to "find" a wallet stuffed with hundred dollar bills outside a supermarket and then ___(4)___ an unsuspecting woman to share his good fortune, since there was no identification in the wallet. But first, to establish her credibility, his victim had to put up a sum of money as a testimonial to her good faith. Mrs. Emma Schultz, age 72, tearfully told the police that she had withdrawn $14,000 from her bank and placed it in a shopping bag supplied by the helpful priest. He told her to hold onto the bag while he went next door to a lawyer's office to make the sharing of their good fortune legal.

After a seemingly _____(5)_____ wait, Mrs. Schultz discovered to her chagrin that the heartless thief had skipped out the back way, leaving her "holding the bag" a switched bag containing shredded newspaper while he made his getaway with her life savings.

1= 3rd Day

2= 1st Day

3= 2nd Day

4= 4th Day

5= 4th Day


61-First Week / Sixth Day

بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم

سلام. رسیدیم به هفته اول. روز ششم. گفتم که سه روز آخر اختصاص داره به بررسی آموخته های 5 روز گذشته. امروز هم بخش دوم مرور مطالب هفته اول. در هر جمله دو تا کلمه تو پرانتز هست بهترین گزینه را انتخاب کنید. در چهار مورد آخر هم که در مورد اصطلاح ها است ببینید  که آیا این جملات دارای معنای صحیحی هستند ؟ با عقل جور در می آید یا نه. تا فرصتی دیگه یا حق

Underline the word that makes sense in each of the sentences below.

1. The huge football player had a (voracious, replete) appetite.

2. After a seemingly (interminable, indiscriminate) wait, the surgeon came to give us the news.

3. Without a (paradox, tinge) of evidence, the coroner could not solve the murder.

4. In the (realm, annals) of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.

5. We invited the (eminent, steeped) engineer to address our club.

6. In the Catskill Mountains, the woods (abound, implore) with deer.

7. I cannot (perceive, prognosticate) why people voted for the corrupt senator.

8. Night and day my kid brother (badgers, compounds) me for money.

9. Science fiction movies usually feature (annals, automatons).

10. With his expertise in (drudgery, technology), my uncle is able to earn a good salary.

Do these sentences make sense? Explain why.

11. The rookie was amazing in spring training but he turned out to be a flash in the pan.

12. I complained to the salesperson because he had sold me a pig in a poke.

13. When I tried to pour oil on troubled waters, I only made matters worse.

14. After the election, when my candidate conceded his loss, I had to eat humble pie.

59- First Week /Fifth Day

بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم

سلام. تا حالا چهار روز را پشت سر گذاشتیم از هقته اول. روز پنجم و ششم و هفتم هر هفته اختصاص داره به بررسی آموخته های روزهای گذشته. البته من خودم تا یه حدی با نوع آزمون گرفتن کتاب مشکل دارم. اما چون می خوام روند کتاب را ادامه بدم پس ادامه می دم. امروز بررسی هفته اول.

Review Words Definitions

 1. abound                    a. to be completely soaked in something

 2. annals                     b. to be able to tell what will happen in the future

 3. automaton              c. someone's special field

 4. badger                    d. to continually nag

 5. compound              e. carelessly chosen

 6. drudgery                f. related to science of engineering

 7. eminent                 g. to add to

 8. implore                  h. beg for assistance

 9. indiscriminate        i. of outstanding reputation

 10. interminable         j. a mature woman

 11. matron                  k. small amount of

 12. paradox                 l. dull, difficult work

 13. perceive                m. desiring huge amount

 14. prognosticate        n. existing in great number

 15. realm                    o. historical records

 16. replete                  p. to come to have an understanding of

 17. steeped                 q. completely filled with

 18. technology            r. machine that behaves like a person

 19. tinge                      s. seemingly self-contradictory situation

 20. voracious               t. unending


 21. to eat humble pie                           u. a blind item; poor purchase

 22. a pig in a poke                                v. admit to defeat

 23. a flash in the pan                           w. a star today, a flop tomorrow

 24. to pour oil on troubled waters        x. to try to make peace

کار مفیدی که می شه تو این سه روز آخر هر هفته انجام داد اینه که کلماتی که مشکل داریم را یادداشت کنیم و در برنامه هفته بعدمون قرار بدیم که مشکلش برطرف بشه. یا حق

57- First Week/ Fourth Day

بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم

سلام. رسیدیم به هفته اول، روز چهارم.

1. Badger:    سر زنش کردن، نق زدن، غر زدن، اذیت کردنpester, nag, annoy, bother, hassle

2. Implore:   در خواست کردن، التماس کردنplead, ask, beg, pray, appeal

3. Drudgery:خر کاری، کار سخت،  toil, labor, chore, grind, slog, graft

4. Interminable: طولانی، خسته کننده، تمام نشدنی unending, endless, wearisome, everlasting, never-ending                                                           antonym: finite

5. Perceive: درک کردن، متوجه شدن، پی بردن   understand, know, become aware of, notice, distinguish, see, identify                                                 antonym: ignore


Sample Sentences        Remember, past tenses may be required.

1. She does her homework on Fridays to save herself from the __________ of having to do it during the weekend.

2. The teacher continually __________ the pupil for the missing assignments.

3. The eminent scientist __________ difficulties in putting the invention into practice.

4. The sick child's mother __________ the doctor to come immediately.

5. I listened to the boring lecture for what seemed an __________ fifty minutes.



Badger (v.)              ____ a. unpleasant, dull, or hard work

Implore                    ____ b. unending

Drudgery                 ____ c. to plead urgently for aid or mercy

Interminable           ____ d. to understand, know, become aware of

Perceive                   ____ e. to pester, nag, annoy persistently


Today's Idiom

to pour oil on troubled waters    to make peace, to calm someone down

 دعوا را خواباندن، آب رو آتیش ریختن

When I tried to pour oil on troubled waters, both the angry husband and his wife stopped their quarrel and began to attack me.

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