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61-First Week / Sixth Day

بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم

سلام. رسیدیم به هفته اول. روز ششم. گفتم که سه روز آخر اختصاص داره به بررسی آموخته های 5 روز گذشته. امروز هم بخش دوم مرور مطالب هفته اول. در هر جمله دو تا کلمه تو پرانتز هست بهترین گزینه را انتخاب کنید. در چهار مورد آخر هم که در مورد اصطلاح ها است ببینید  که آیا این جملات دارای معنای صحیحی هستند ؟ با عقل جور در می آید یا نه. تا فرصتی دیگه یا حق

Underline the word that makes sense in each of the sentences below.

1. The huge football player had a (voracious, replete) appetite.

2. After a seemingly (interminable, indiscriminate) wait, the surgeon came to give us the news.

3. Without a (paradox, tinge) of evidence, the coroner could not solve the murder.

4. In the (realm, annals) of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.

5. We invited the (eminent, steeped) engineer to address our club.

6. In the Catskill Mountains, the woods (abound, implore) with deer.

7. I cannot (perceive, prognosticate) why people voted for the corrupt senator.

8. Night and day my kid brother (badgers, compounds) me for money.

9. Science fiction movies usually feature (annals, automatons).

10. With his expertise in (drudgery, technology), my uncle is able to earn a good salary.

Do these sentences make sense? Explain why.

11. The rookie was amazing in spring training but he turned out to be a flash in the pan.

12. I complained to the salesperson because he had sold me a pig in a poke.

13. When I tried to pour oil on troubled waters, I only made matters worse.

14. After the election, when my candidate conceded his loss, I had to eat humble pie.


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