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17-آزمون اول اسامی

بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم

سلام و وقت بخیر. بنا به در خواست یکی از حوانندگان عزیز مبنی بر قرار دادن یک سری سوالات دستور زبان، تصمیم گرفتم که از این پس آزمون دستور –علاوه بر آزمون لغت و تدریس دستور- هم جزو برنامه های اینجا قرار بگیره. البته لازم می دونم عرض کنم که قصد این کار را داشتم نه به این زودی، بلکه پس از تمام کردن هر مبحث دستوری. از هر چه بگذریم سخن...... خوشتر است.(جا خالی با خودتون)

The potato (a) was the staple (b) of Ireland, and when the crop (c)  failed in 1840, there was mass starvations. (d)

Shark (a) can maneuver considerably faster than other (b) fish (c)  because they have no bones (d).

Although sugar cane (a) and sugar beet (b) look very different, the sugars (c)  that is refined from them tastes almost the same (d).

Textiles industries (a) are as widespread as food industries (b)  because both supply basic  (c) human needs (d).

Many animal species (a) are totally colorsblind (b), but the condition (c)  is very rare in humans (d).

Our skulls (a) is made up of eight cranial (b)  and fourteen (c)  facial bones.

Diamonds (a), which is about 40 times (b) as hard as talc (c), is made up of pure carbon (d).

The oceans (a) contain about 97 percent (b) of the world’s water supply (c), and about another 2 percent of world’s water supply is ices (d).

Brain waves patterns (a) vary among (b) different people (c)  and in different activities (d).

The ancestor (a) of today’s horse (b) was a little mammal called cohippus, which first appeared 54 millions (c) years ago (d).

Lasers (a) are of great value in areas such as communications, industry (b), medicine (c), and scientific research (d).

Dinosaurs (a) are classified as reptiles (b), although some appear  (c) to have been warms-blooded (d).

سلام. اینجا کلماتی که شاید جدید بودند را معنی کردم.

سوال 1:

Staple کالای اصلی یک بازار را گویند

Starvation قحطی و گرسنگی

سوال 2:

Considerably قابل ملاحظه، زیاد

سوال 3:

Cane نی شکر

Refinedتصفیه شده

سوال 4:

Textile  منسوجات

سوال 10:

Ancestor جد، اجداد

سوال 12:

Reptile خزندگان

و جوابها :

1:  D

2:  A

3:  C

4:  A

5:  B

6:  A

7:  A

8:  D

9:  A

10: C

11: D

12: D

سوم تیر ماه 88 ارسال شد.

یا حق



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