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88- 1100:First Week/ Seventh Day

بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم

سلام. چند وقتی بود که دیگه لغتهای 1100 را نمی نوشتم. ان شاالله از امروز ادامه درسهای کتاب 1100 واژه را خدمتتون می گم. کسایی که می خوان تافل بدن این کتاب زیاده اما چون 100 آید 90 هم پیش ماست. و کسایی که می خواهند ارشد زبان بگیرند حتما باید یه دست و پنجه حسابی با این کتاب بگیرند.

هفته اول / روز هفتم

امروز در ادامه سنجش آموخته های این هفته می رسیم به این متن کوتاه. توی این متن جاخالی هایی هست که باید پر بشه. با چی؟ با کلماتی که تو این هفته خوندیم. توی هر جاخالی به ترتیب یه عددی هست که این اعداد اشاره دارند به یه روز خاصی تو این هفته. در آخر مطلب نوشتم که هر عدد مربوط به کدام روزه. به اون مطلب مراجعه کنید و کلمه مورد نظر را توی جاخالی قرار بدید. جوابش را هم در ادامه مطلب نوشتم. یا حق

Reggie the Con Man

In the ____(1)___ of crime, there are few scoundrels who could match the exploits of Reggie Hayes, who also used the names of Reginald Haven, Ricardo Hermosa, Father Harris, and dozens of other aliases. Reggie's police record, principally in Chicago and Baltimore, is _____(2)_____ with scams that he perpetrated upon gullible people. Generally, his favorite target was a ___(3)_______ who should have known better.

Dressed as a priest (''Father Harris"), he was most convincing, however. His method of operation was to "find" a wallet stuffed with hundred dollar bills outside a supermarket and then ___(4)___ an unsuspecting woman to share his good fortune, since there was no identification in the wallet. But first, to establish her credibility, his victim had to put up a sum of money as a testimonial to her good faith. Mrs. Emma Schultz, age 72, tearfully told the police that she had withdrawn $14,000 from her bank and placed it in a shopping bag supplied by the helpful priest. He told her to hold onto the bag while he went next door to a lawyer's office to make the sharing of their good fortune legal.

After a seemingly _____(5)_____ wait, Mrs. Schultz discovered to her chagrin that the heartless thief had skipped out the back way, leaving her "holding the bag" a switched bag containing shredded newspaper while he made his getaway with her life savings.

1= 3rd Day

2= 1st Day

3= 2nd Day

4= 4th Day

5= 4th Day

1. annals

2. replete

3. matron

4. implore

5. interminable


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